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Solar Power Plants are the pioneers of renewable energy technologies, which is one of the greatest advantages of our age.

If we take a general evaluation of Solar Power plants, we can easily say that they are one step ahead of other power plants in terms of investment cost, installation time and area used for the facility. If we consider a 100 kWp roof SPP application, our average investment cost is 4-4.5 years, the installation time takes an average of 10 days, and the most important point is to use the roof area of ​​the existing structure without the need for an extra area.

We can list the other advantages of solar power plants as follows;
• Solar energy is the cleanest renewable energy source.
• It is an inexhaustible energy source.
• It can be used in almost every area where energy is needed.
• Operating cost is very low.
• It is a natural and environmentally friendly energy source. There are no environmentally harmful wastes.
• It is not dependent on outside. It is not affected by economic depressions.

There are many issues that need to be considered in order to realize all the mentioned advantages. For example; It is important to carefully select many factors such as the quality of the panels used, the quality of the inverters, the infrastructure mounting materials used, the cables, the SPP collection panels, to request from the EPC companies without escaping the cost, or to get consultancy services when installing the SPP facility. Hope to see you in our next articles about GES power plants. Kind regards…
Note: The annual sunshine duration for Turkey is taken into account in the calculation of the depreciation process.

Source: Chamber of Electrical Engineers Solar Radiation Data Analysis Report: http://www.guyad.org

Muhammed Furkan POLAT
Electrical electronics Engineer