About Us

LBC Solar Energy Company is an engineering and consultancy firm established in Ankara in 2018. LBC Solar, with its engineering team specialized in solar energy from renewable energy sources, provides electricity from solar energy, supply and installation of photovoltaic panel equipment (EPC) and provides all kinds of consultancy services in this field. In 2019 the founding partners of the company operating in Turkey and Germany decided to continue the company's activities in the Southeastern Anatolia Region, where the sunshine duration is higher, and moved its head office to Şanlıurfa.

LBC Solar, which closely follows the innovations and developments in the sector thanks to its international communication network, has accomplished very successful projects in a very short time with its professional team. LBC Solar gives confidence to its customers with these successful projects in the field of EPC consultancy and Solar energy field installation in the region and continues to grow with very confident steps.

The sun is the purest source of energy that meets the increasing energy needs of our Earth. And also, Solar energy is a much richer and cleaner energy source than the conventional fuels that we use today to meet our energy needs. Our goal as LBC family is to add a positive value to our country. Turkey has due to its geographical position many hours of sunshine, which we can use as energy source.


LBC Solar always tries to keep pace with innovative advancements in the Marketplace under international quality standards and aims to provide uninterrupted and best service to its customers with its wide product range, continuous innovation understanding and reliable corporate image.


Our ideal is to leave a cleaner and greener world with renewable energy sources for the future generations. For this reason, we intend to follow closely developments and innovations in the world of solar systems hence we can bring habitats in Turkey from consumers to producers status. We aim to be one of Turkey’s largest companies and to play an active role in the world markets of solar equipment supply, sales, installation, technical service and consulting matters.


Discover Your Perfect and Reliable Partner

An Experienced Company

LBC Solar has become the leading company in the region with the projects it has realized since 2018. And with this corporate image it has created, it has proven its experience and reliability.

Innovative and Reliable

We are a very reliable company that closely follows the developing technology in the world and applies the latest technology in the projects it implements.

Innovative Solar Projects for All Sectors

We are working to provide energy solutions that will minimize high energy consumption to companies of different sizes from every sector. We are proud of every project we realize and we continue to follow our projects every step of the way.

High Quality of Service

As your business partner in your projects, we implement your project with our expert engineers and technicians, without sacrificing quality. In addition, we offer you high service quality with the technical support we provide after installation.

Solution Partner in Energy

We offer project solutions that we have developed specifically for your company by analyzing your needs in the best way. With these solutions we have developed, we provide your company with the highest energy savings.

Technical Support and Service

We provide 24/7 remote monitoring of the power plants we install. We work meticulously to prevent energy loss and to avoid a possible malfunction, and we offer you uninterrupted service and maintenance at any time.