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The world's energy needs are increasing day by day.
LBC Solar Energy creates the energy products you need and the best solutions for you.

Off-Grid Systems

These systems are systems that meet the energy needs with photovoltaic panels independently of the grid, in conditions where there is no electrical energy or the cost of the facility is high. The electrical energy produced by photovoltaic panels is stored in the batteries and the stored electrical energy can be used in the system when needed.

The most important advantage of off-grid systems is that they meet the electrical energy needed in areas far from residential areas where grid electricity is not available. It is more efficient than alternative energy generation systems such as diesel generators and has lower maintenance costs.

On-Grid Systems

In grid-connected systems, the energy need of the consumer is met from the electrical energy produced by the panels. In cases where the production cannot meet the consumption or the consumption does not meet the production, energy is exchanged from the grid thanks to the bidirectional counter. In cases where the energy produced exceeds the consumption, the excess energy is given to the grid with the purchase guarantee of the state. In this way, income can be obtained from the energy produced.

Projecting and Engineering

After the feasibility process, we offer project design services with our expert engineers, taking into account international standards. We create the production in the most optimum conditions of the area where the power plant will be installed, by making use of different technical parameters. We create our work program within the scope of the measurements and applications we will make, and we ensure the return of the depreciation value to our investor as soon as possible.

Feasibility Report

We prepare the feasibility report of your SPP power plant that you plan to invest in, taking into account the criteria such as sunshine duration of the region, radiation values, shading analysis, slope, transportation status, extra equipment to be stipulated by EDAŞ, and distance to the grid. In line with this report, we provide you with the most appropriate service.

Legal Application and Follow-up Consultancy

We provide the application and follow-up of all legal processes such as connection agreement and call letter in your licensed and unlicensed Solar Power Plant projects by our professional team.

Discovery, Planning and Procurement

With our expert team, we make a free discovery of the Solar Power Plant, which is planned to be established, and report it to the investor. After the exploration process, we are making our planning for the installation of the power plant. We offer you the most economical solutions without sacrificing quality in product supply.

Land Type Solar Power Plants

Solar energy, one of the cornerstones of electricity generation, is gaining more and more value day by day. Solar energy, which is an environmentally friendly and natural energy, has an important share in meeting the energy need, allowing the investment to be amortized in a short time.

Solar power plants, which will be built on marginal lands unsuitable for agricultural activities, attract the attention of investors. However, it is important that the investment to be made is implemented by EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) companies that are experts in their field.

We analyze the solar energy potential by conducting free exploration of the land to be invested with our expert teams. In the light of the data we obtained from the discovery, we install and commission the solar power plant on the land.

Solar Energy Systems for Building and Industrial Roofs

In today’s world, the need for electrical energy is increasing, and as a result, the increase in electricity markets increases the energy costs of industrial facilities. As a result, SPP power plants have become an alternative energy source that is becoming increasingly widespread and supported by the state.

Thanks to the solar power plant to be installed on the roofs of buildings and industrial facilities, the energy used in the facility can be met. Excess energy can be sold with a government guarantee. Since the energy produced in the GES power plant to be established is used by the investor, it will meet the depreciation cost in a short time. In addition, the investor can benefit from incentives such as tax reduction, insurance premium support, VAT exemption.

Turnkey Projects with Installation & Commissioning

We commission your power plants by completing the exploration, feasibility, project design, installation and acceptance stages by our expert teams. In this process, we enable you to benefit from The Turkish Government provides subsidy or financial assistance support programs such as TKDK-IPARD up to 55%, thereby reducing your investment cost.

Expand Solar Power Capacity

We evaluate your problems such as production insufficiency due to incorrect feasibility, project design, equipment uses and installation in your solar power plants, and we design and implement your power plant’s capacity increase demands with our professional teams.

Financial Solutions

In the service we provide to reduce your energy costs, we also advise you on the financing of your investment. By calculating the amortization period of your investment, we offer you special financing suggestions in a way that will not disrupt the cash flow of your business.

Production Analysis

We control your Solar Power Plant 24/7 remotely and report the instantaneous energy produced at the plant by comparing it with the planned production value. In this way, we control the energy efficiency of your power plant, ensure its smooth operation and ensure the highest energy return.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations

Carrying out maintenance work in solar power plants plays an important role in the efficiency of the power plant and the prevention of malfunctions that may occur. It is important to monitor the power plant periodically, to carry out transformer and MV maintenance, to regularly undergo heat tests for the equipment used in the power plant, and to clean the photovoltaic panels for production efficiency. By taking advantage of these services, you can extend the life of your solar power plant and add value to your investment.

Solar Powered Irrigation Systems

One of the most important cost in agricultural irrigation is the energy spent for irrigation. We offer you solutions that meet your energy needs, independent of the grid, with a one-time investment. In this way, the investor will have a problem-free irrigation system by meeting his own energy needs with the investment he will make and will delete this output from the expense item.

Projects for SMEs

Working capital is one of the most important requirements for the growth and development of businesses. There are many organizations in our country that support our SMEs in this sense.

At the beginning of these;

  • Developing and Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (KOSGEB)
  • Development Agencies
  • Agriculture and Rural Development Support Units (ARDSI)
    Rural Development Supports (KKYDP) are coming.

As LBC Consulting, we stand by you in calling for grants, support and incentive projects suitable for your business. We manage the whole process together, from the first phase of the project to the last step.