On Grid System


Residential roofs are ideal for generating your own energy and reducing your electricity costs.

We provide you with the latest technology to produce the electricity you need from the roof of your home. Thanks to the different types of designs offered by our expert teams, we develop systems suitable for all kinds of roofs.

You can start making profits by contacting us today!

The roof of your industrial plant can be the greatest savings energy area for you!

you can save money by producing your own electricity on the roof of your plant while producing at your facility

With LBC Solar’s ​​innovative solutions for commercial roofs and next-generation rooftop solar panels, it's easy to reduce your biggest cost item. With the latest technology installed on your roof, you can increase your profitability by generating the electricity needs of your entire facility and saving your electricity costs. In addition that you can also earn money by selling the electricity at a price guaranteed by the government.

As LBC Solar, we continue our activities in order to provide the most suitable solutions to your workplaces with our customer-oriented, quality and reliable service approach and latest technological products.

Clean Energy, Profitable Investment

Add value to your assets with LCB Solar Solar Power Plants.

Solar power plants that convert endless energy from the sun into electrical energy by the installation of photovoltaic modules and other components, are a highly profitable investment tool with their long life, environmentalist and low operating cost advantages as well as easy installation.

The generation of electricity by solar energy quite conveniently be Turkey's climatic conditions, it increases other energy investment to the relative solar power plants of the price advantage, and the state's interest in the day by which to promote solar energy investments provided in this area.

The most important decision you need to make when planning your solar investment is to choose the right equipment and the right partner. LBC Solar completes all stages of the Solar Power Plants from investment consultancy to preliminary assessments, from design to installation, from the provision of legal permits to commissioning, and delivers them to you in working condition.

Your facility will be able to operate with maximum performance thanks to the best service and equipment that suits your needs. With its international experience and expert team, LBC Solar is able to offer a full 25 Year warranty for solar power plants. Systems created with the world's best quality and state-of-the-art products can provide uninterrupted working performance and more electricity production during their long life. Thanks to this advantage, your benefit will be maximum and will be reflected to you as more profit.