SME Consulting

Writing and Managing Projects for Grants, Support and Incentives for SMEs

Working capital is one of the most important requirements for businesses to grow and develop. In this sense, there are many institutions that support our SMEs in our country. Some of them are:

  • Küçük ve Orta Ölçekli İşletmeleri Geliştirme ve Destekleme (KOSGEB)
  • Development Agencies
  • Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution (TKDK) and
  • Rural Development Investments Support Program (KKYDP)

As LBC Consultancy, we are working on grant, support and incentive projects suitable for your business. We manage the whole process from the first phase of the project to the last step. If you want to manage your projects in this regard, we also offer training opportunities to your relevant personnel.

Certification Services for businesses in a variety of fields (ISO, CE, Trademark Registration, TSE, TPE)

Today, businesses are required to be dealt with many certification processes, both in terms of total quality management process and customer requirements. In this process, as LBC Consulting, we offer all the necessary technical support to your business during the certification processes. The fields of certification that we are working on are:

  • ISO and TSE Certificates,
  • OHSAS -Work Safety-ISO 14000,
  • ISO 22000 (HACCP) Certificate for Food Producers and Sellers,
  • Required CE Certificate for EU Countries,
  • Brand registration,
  • Industrial design and
  • Patent Registration Procedures

Preparing Feasibility Reports and Strategic Plan

Our office provides services to institutions, the Strategic Planning that NGOs have to prepare in certain periods and the preparation of the Feasibility Reports required before any investment. It is our most important duty to prepare the most realistic and accessible plan for you by exchanging ideas with your stakeholders on this matter.